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Know Your Credit: Annual Credit Report 2022

KNOW YOUR CREDIT!!! It's time to check your Free Annual credit report. Under US Federal Law, you are allowed 1 Free annual credit report from each of the 3 Major Credit Reporting companies. The link below is provided by the Federal Trade Commission. TIP: We suggest freezing you credit report with EACH credit reporting company (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion) -- so this basically prevents anyone from opening an account under your credentials.

Mandatory Rental Property Registry Begins March 1

If you or your clients own rental properties in the Louisville Metro area, an incoming new requirement may affect your business. 

Beginning March 1, 2017, all rental properties in the Louisville Metro area must be registered with the Louisville Metro Government. This registration includes current rental property street addresses and owner contact information for each property. Failure to register a property may incur fines of up to $100 per day per rental unit. 

It looks like the registration process is relatively painless, but you will need an account with Develop Louisville in order to register your properties. 

Get all the info you need here to be ready for the March 1 deadline!


Agent Spotlight: Michael Dooley

Our agent spotlight series continues with longtime Compass agent and just all-around good guy Michael Dooley. Michael joined Compass Realtors in 2011 and quickly became part of the family. 

Michael's service-oriented approach to his job makes him an invaluable member of the team. "My favorite part of this job is helping families find their dream homes, or helping someone buy a run-down piece of property and make it new again." 

Mike's own dream home is a secluded, wooded home with several acres and an infinity pool that he'd probably never leave (if he could). Currently, Mike resides with his beloved cat and enjoys traveling in his free time. But fortunately for us, Mike truly loves his job and logs some serious hours helping his clients find exactly what they want.

Mike grew his client base by following one rule: "Follow up on EVERY lead and call EVERYONE back. Even if it doesn't seem like the right client for you, you never know where something will lead. Ninety percent of life is showing up and trying your best."

We're very thankful every day to work with Mike, and look forward to many more successful years together! View Mike's listings here and call to schedule a showing today!




Agent Spotlight: Doris Miller

I'm excited to introduce a new blog series: Agent Spotlight Every couple of weeks, we'll feature one of our talented agents so you can get to know our team a bit better!

Today, we'll meet Doris Miller! Doris began her real estate career in 1995 after owning a small business in Jeffersonville for 28 years. She joined Compass Realtors in early 2016 and we're thrilled to have her energy and experience on board!

Doris loves her job. "My favorite part is going to a closing and everyone is excited and happy," she says. "This business is mainly customer service. Treat your customers well and listen to what they have to say." Doris lives by the motto "If it's important to you, it's important to me." Her ideal home? "A sprawling ranch, modern with LOTS of character!"

Doris and her husband have three children, six grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. They enjoy traveling with friends and family. They live in Jeffersonville where they are members of Sacred Heart church. 

View Doris's listings and contact her here.


Hosting the Holidays in a Small Home

It's officially December, and the Holidays-with-a-capital-H are in full swing! It's the most wonderful time of the year, but it can also be quite stressful if you're hosting your family and friends in your home. Especially if your home is on the small side, it can be difficult to find room for everyone. These tips for hosting the holidays in a small home can help make the festivities run smoothly for everyone.

Rearrange the Space

If your guests can't all fit at the dining room table, don't be afraid to clear the living room and host the feast with additional tables and chairs where there's more space. Temporarily store end tables and other fixtures in different rooms of the house. As an added bonus, move the sofa and recliner into the dining room to create a cozy space for guests to gather and chat after dinner.

Use the Patio

Even if it's cold outside, your patio can become part of your party turf. A small fire pit or overhead heaters can draw guests outside to chat or just get some fresh air. Toss some throw blankets over your patio furniture and place a bottle of white wine or other best-when-cold spirits to help your guests stay warm.

Put Your Home to Work

Use common household items to your advantage. Need more counter space or additional room for the buffet? Toss a festive tablecloth over the ironing board. Fill the kitchen sink with ice to keep beverages cool instead of cluttering the room with a hefty cooler. Turn an accent table into a bar area with spirits and mixers.

Keep Decor Simple

An abundance of decor may make the space feel more cluttered and cramped. Keep decor simple and sparse. You'll find the warmth and smiles of your family and friends to be decoration enough.

With these tips, we at Compass Realtors hope you'll enjoy a fun, festive, and merry...

Get in the Holiday Spirit with These Community Events

The leftovers are dwindling, but we're still thankful for another great year at Compass Realtors! We're excited about getting in the holiday spirit, and there are plenty of events happening around town to help get your jingle on! Here's where Christmas is kicking off in the community.

Small Business Saturday/Light Up Jeffersonville

If you're an avid supporter of local businesses, this is your day! Get out to Jeffersonville Main Street and kick off your holiday shopping in the charming and lovely locally-owned shops and restaurants. Stick around for Light Up Jeffersonville and the holiday parade to follow!

Craft and Gift Show

While you're checking out the shops, stop in to the 300 Spring Craft and Gift Show today, Novemeber 26 3-8:00 pm. Find one-of-a-kind gifts for that hard-to-buy-for person on your list.

Christmas Cookie Stroll

The holidays aren't complete without cookies. Lots of cookies. Check out the Jeffersonville Cookie Stroll on December 3, 11:00am-4:00pm. Tickets are $5 and there are only 350 tickets available, so get yours now!

4th Street Live Holiday Village

The Holiday Village at Fourth Street Live opens on November 29th. Visit the Holiday Village for a fun and festive holiday experience including over 15 various artisans, boutiques, and more!


5 Don't-Miss Details When Buying a New Home

Buying a home is an exciting time. It’s easy to get swept up in the excitement when viewing a potential new home and forget to notice the details that may be deal-breakers (or at least things that should be addressed in the inspection). Keep an eye out for these common issues that could spell trouble for your new home down the road.

1. Look for signs of roof damage. As soon as you arrive, check out the roof. Does it look new, stable, and in good repair? Are there missing shingles or obvious sagging areas? A new roof will save you money on insurance rates and is better equipped to stand up to severe weather in the long run.

2. Look past the paint job. Everyone has different preferences for their home decor. If a room is painted a color that makes you cringe, look past it and focus on the structural aspects of the home. Look for aging appliances, loose wires, missing fixtures, and structural damage. You can always change the color of the walls, but these issues will cause you headaches long after that garish yellow is gone.

3. Consider the climate. When viewing a house, if it looks old and drafty, it probably is. Old homes have their charm, but they can also come with tons of heating and cooling issues. HVAC systems are expensive to repair and replace, so get all the information you can about the current system and heating/cooling costs.

4. Determine your must-haves. This is a good one to decide ahead of time, before you even set foot in the potential home. Are you willing to replace old windows? Don’t want to deal with the hassle...

Get Your Home Ready for Winter

Hope you didn’t get too acclimated to the summer-like temps last week, because Fall finally arrived! These mild temperatures mean now is a great time to get your home ready for Winter. Compass Realtors is proud to help our clients find their dream homes. We also want to help you keep your home safe and secure. Here’s how to make sure your home is in tip-top shape to withstand the plummeting temps.

Repair/Caulk Windows & Doors

Keep your energy bills low by repairing or re-caulking drafty windows and doors. This is the most common source of lost heat in your home.

Reverse Ceiling Fans

This simple tip is one of the most overlooked parts of winterizing your home. Reverse your ceiling fans to keep air moving upwards, and you’ll notice a difference in the warmth of your home.

Service HVAC
Get your HVAC inspected and serviced now before the cold sets in. Not only will you find any problems ahead of time, but it’ll save you money on repairs in the long run.

Clean Out Gutters
Clean the leaves and debris out of your gutters before the ice and snow makes this task way more difficult.

Safety Checkup
While not specific to fall or winter, it’s a good idea to do a safety check each time the season changes. Check your smoke detectors, alarm systems, fire extinguishers, and carbon monoxide detectors now to make sure...

Pokemon Go Tips

Of all the things that would shake up the real estate market this year, who would have thought that Pokemon Go would be the one to beat? Yet, many realtors (including our agents!) have had plenty of clients inquire about the quality of the neighborhood Pokemon when viewing a house. While the Pokemon Go mania of this summer has simmered down to a long broil, the elusive virtual critters are still in demand. We've put together some tips to help you make the most of your Pokehunts in Jeffersonville, Southern Indiana, and surrounding areas. 

1. Hunt with friends – You haven’t truly bonded with your friends until you’ve gone Pokémon Go hunting together. Pokémon Go hunting is lot more fun when you aren’t just driving around aimlessly by yourself. Get some friends together, get out of the car, and have some fun. Remember the point of the eggs is to get out and walk. Some Pokémon are seen more often at night or in the city, so traveling with a group is much safer as well.

2. Explore new places – Searching for Pokémon is a great excuse to check out new places you haven’t explored before. Parks are an excellent place to not only find Pokémon, but to explore and see new sites. You may even have the opportunity to learn more about your state's history at some of the local parks and attractions. Since playing Pokémon we have explored Locust Grove, the historical home of George Rogers Clark, Bernheim Forrest, and other attractions.

3. Go to local events – Many locations will have Pokémon gatherings that attract larger crowds. It is believed that the Pokémon gather in high population areas so businesses are having PokéNights where they are inviting large crowds of Pokémon seekers. 

4. Learn how to best work the game –...

Fall is Here! Fun Fall Activities in Jeffersonville

You may not be able to tell it with the temperatures, but Fall has arrived in Southern Indiana! Time for crunchy leaves underfoot, cozy sweaters, and pumpkin spice everything! Fall weather is a gorgeous time of year with cooler temperatures – a good time to get outside with your family and have some fun! Here are some fun things to do in Jeffersonville and surrounding areas this Fall!

Picnic Time

Take everyone to the waterfront, Big Four Station, or any of the beautiful Jeffersonville parks and have a picnic lunch. Keep it simple with sandwiches and chips, or anything that’s easy to take along and spread out on a blanket or picnic table. Some parks have playgrounds for the kids and even short trails for hiking. And if the tree leaves have started to fall, you can play in them by making leaf piles and jumping in them.

Visit a Pumpkin Patch or Apple Orchard
Picking out a pumpkin can turn into a whole day of fun! Head to Huber’s Family Farm for family activities besides picking the perfect pumpkin. Other activities can include hay rides, corn mazes, pumpkin painting and a farmers market. Apple orchards are another family-friendly...

In the News: Chuck Fugate featured in FORCE Newsletter

Here at Compass Realtors, we’re proud to be active in several professional associations and organizations that keep us up-to-date and on our toes about real estate trends and news that help us better serve our clients. So we were thrilled when our very own Chuck Fugate was recently featured in The Five Star FORCE’s monthly newsletter The Voice of the FORCE.

The Federation of REO Certified Experts (FORCE) is the Five Star Institute’s organization of residential agents and brokers working in the field of real estate owned (REO) properties.

Through a rigorous screening process and frequent training opportunities, the FORCE offers a way for banks and other REO property holders a connect to the most experienced, qualified, and reputable REO professionals. Chuck’s experience with REO properties has made him one of the top REO agents in the region, and many companies seek out his expertise in REO real estate.

Check out Chuck’s bio on page six, and contact him at Compass Realtors for any advice in REO estate sales.


Leadership Southern Indiana

I have a few passions in my life: my beautiful family, real estate, and Southern Indiana. I’ve spent my entire adult life in Southern Indiana and there’s nowhere I’d rather be. So when I learned of Leadership Southern Indiana’s DISCOVER program, I didn’t hesitate to apply for the program.

Leadership Southern Indiana offers several programs “to engage, develop and mobilize regional leaders who will serve and transform our community.” These programs are similar to taking a college course (without the late night pizza binges) and take place over the course of several months, culminating in a graduation ceremony and the experience of a lifetime. DISCOVER empowers participants to become the informed, connected and capable leaders that Southern Indiana will need to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. Class members graduate with an increased understanding of how their community works and how to use effective leadership skills to better serve their clients, customers, and community.

Today, August 25, was the first day of the DISCOVER class of 2017. We met at the lovely and serene Wooded Glen Retreat and Conference Center in Henryville, Indiana (seriously, if you haven’t been there, schedule your next off-site meeting there. You won’t regret it). I met so many incredibly talented, smart, and passionate people on my first day and let me tell you: if Southern Indiana’s future is in their hands, we’re in good hands.

If you’re passionate about your community and its...

Home Inspections: What You Need to Know

Buying a new home is exciting. It’s easy to get swept up in the novelty of the situation, and you’re likely just as eager to get moved in as the sellers are to have the house sold. It may be tempting to waive the home inspection to speed up the process. However, home inspections are a critical part of the home-buying process and waiving them could cost you thousands more dollars in the long run.

Here are five great reasons to have a home inspection before you buy:

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

If the home you’re buying was built recently, you may feel like a home inspection is a waste of time and money. No matter the age of the home, there can be costly troubles unknown to the average buyer. Calling in a licensed home inspector may reveal defects that were not seen during a showing.

Save Money

Home inspections may range from $300-$1200. That’s a good chunk of change, but it’s less than the untold thousands you’ll pay if you need to rewire the entire house or install new plumbing lines.

Contract Contingency and Seller’s Repairs

Often, home inspections reveal defects that the seller isn't even aware of, such as a leaky plumbing connection or a broken roof shingle. The inspection helps buyers make sure repairs are completed before money is exchanged. In our area, it is common for the purchase contract to be contingent on the home inspection and agreed upon repairs. This ensures you are buying a safe home that is free of defects that may adversely impact the value.

Know What You’re Buying

In the end, the most important reason to have a home inspection before you...

Southern Indiana On Verge of Housing Shortage

Indiana: On the Verge of a Housing Shortage  (June 2106)by: Chuck Fugate/Broker/Compass Realtors

Housing inventory continues to decline in Indiana.   The Indiana Association of Realtors (IAR) reports the state currently has 4.9 months of inventory on the market.     Statewide, 11,516 new listings entered the market, and 8,933 were sold in May 2016.  The average statewide sales price was $143,000 (up 4.4% over the same period last year).    95.9% of all listings that sold in May received full asking price or greater.

The southern Indiana counties of Clark, Floyd, and Harrison are experiencing sharper declines in housing inventory compared to overall state averages.   It is likely that the cities of Jeffersonville, Clarksville, Sellersburg, New Albany, and metro Louisville will experience decade high price increases if this trend continues.


What Housing Bubble?: The Midwest Market's Amazing Rebound

The housing bubble burst of 2008 sent a ripple effect (or tidal waves) of financial chaos throughout every industry in America, and everyone felt the pinch. Now, just eight years later, the real estate market is thriving once again. And nowhere is the recovery more apparent than right here in the lovely Midwest -- and Indiana in particular!

Indiana home sales skyrocketed nearly 11% in April (compared to the previous year). Additional year-over-year comparisons show promise, as well: median sales price increased 4.1%, pending sales are up 2.5%, and list price sales rose 1 percentage point to a whopping 95%.

The best news for sellers? There are precious few homes for sale going into these busy summer months. If you’re considering listing your home for sale, now is the time! Buyers are motivated and open houses are generating tons of traffic. Many sellers are receiving multiple offers above list price. The Indiana Association of Realtors expects this home shortage to last throughout the summer months.

The best news for buyers? Interest rates have plummeted to a three-year low of 3.6 percent! Lenders like Wells Fargo are also beginning to (slightly) loosen the vice grip they’ve had on borrowing requirements. While exceptional credit is still a must-have, down payments are starting to creep lower and loan terms are becoming more and more simplified. With stats like these, 2008 is beginning to feel like ancient history.

If you’re ready to list your home or buy a new one, ...

What the New Bridge Tolls Mean for Kentuckiana Residents

Though it was only completed just a few months ago, the newly-constructed Abraham Lincoln Bridge already feels like it's part of our little Kentuckiana family. With repairs on the Kennedy Bridge nearing completion and the East End Bridge construction set to wrap up later this year, we all know the long-dreaded bridge tolls are coming. But forget everything you think you know about bridge tolls; the Ohio River Bridges Project is bringing bridge tolls into the 21st century in an effort to make it as painless as possible.

The ORBP tolls will be administered through RiverLink, a new tolling system established specifically for the new Ohio River bridges. Tolls are scheduled to go into effect in late 2016 with the completion of the East End Crossing. If you're a frequent over-the-river commuter, life will stay pretty much the same; as of this moment, it doesn't appear there will be long lines or heavy congestion when the tolls go into effect, owing to the new technologies used by RiverLink. Here's what you need to know:

1. You will have three payment options. The easiest and most affordable option is to obtain a RiverLink transponder to place in your car. Your household's first transponder is free, but additional transponders are available for $15. You will prepay into a RiverLink account, and each time you cross the bridge, the appropriate amount will be electronically deducted from your account using sensors that read your transponder information as you cross. With this option, each crossing will cost $2 for typical passenger vehicles.

You may also choose to forego the transponder, and instead, an automated...

It's That Time of Year Again: Clark County Property Taxes Incoming

They're coming a little later than normal this year, but the old saying holds true: taxes are still an absolute certainty.

Clark County residents will begin receiving property tax statements in the mail shortly after April 15, with payments due May 10 and November 10. You can find a wealth of information about your property taxes on the Clark County Treasuerer's Office website, including how to pay online, payment installment options, and much more. 

Nobody enjoys paying taxes, but there are some resources to help you save for them. Check out how to keep your property taxes low here. Happy tax season, friends!


7 Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Spring

Spring is here, which means for many the mountain of snow that has been piling up all winter is a thing of the past. With spring comes fresh, new ideas, and warmth. But it also brings the chance to get your home ready for those brighter, warmer days. Here are seven tips to prepare your home for spring.

  1. Have your air conditioner checked now before it starts warming too much. It will cost more to have it serviced the closer you get to summer, so this will save you money and insure that your home is ready to be cooled for those hot summer months.
  2. The cold winter can take its toll on windows and doors. Check all of your windows outside for cracks. You can replace weather stripping or caulk as needed.
  3. Check your roof for loose shingles or soft patches before the spring storms start. Severe weather can make existing roof problems worse.
  4. Switch the direction of your ceiling fans.
  5. With spring comes “spring cleaning”. It can be daunting at times, so create a spring cleaning plan. Deep cleaning upholstery and carpets should be a first priority. Dust likes to collect in the stuffiness of winter.
  6. Cleaning can sometimes cause toxins to build-up from the cleaners. Open your windows often.
  7. Pruning back your bushes before they are overgrown from the spring rain will help protect your other plants from the overgrowth.

With the weather starting to warm up preparing for...

Buying a Home in a Sellers' Market

The 2016 Spring and Summer home purchasing season will look dramatically different than previous years. Over a decade has passed since the Louisville Metro area has experienced a sellers’ market. This dialog will help buyers in preparing an offer that a seller may accept; and hopefully avoid situations in which sellers are insulted by offers from buyers with unrealistically high expectations.

What is a sellers’ market?

A sellers real estate market represents conditions in which inventory is low, and demand from buyers is high. Simply put, there are more buyers than houses to purchase. Conversely, this is different than a buyers’ market, in which inventory is high and demand from buyers is very low (too many homes on the market).

Remember your high school economics classes? This is the basic principle of supply and demand.

Key Differences

The critical difference between buyers' and sellers' markets lies in bargaining power. In a seller's market, the seller has more negotiating power due to low supply, while the opposite is true in a buyer's economy. During a seller's market, it's unlikely that buyers will find homes below list price or with concessions such as damage repair or closing costs paid by the seller. In short, most of the factors affecting the housing market swing in favor of the seller. 


2201 Sterling Oaks Dr-Reduced!

2201 Sterling Oaks Dr, Sellersburg, IN 47172 REDUCED to $199,900

2201 Sterling Oaks Dr, Sellersburg, IN 47172